Remove Tree Stumps

Remove Tree Stumps

If you are looking to remove tree stumps in your yard, you have came to right place! We service property owners for single family homes, commercial stores, parks, coops and condos. Although it is not common for a customer to continually be a repeating one, unless they have endless trees to remove, a long lasting relationship is our goal. For the most part our Queens Tree Company removes tree stumps and trees, along with a range of trimming services.

We have removed some of the largest tree stumps in NYC!

Here are the steps to having a tree removed:
1-Call our Tree Company and arrange an estimate.
2-Once a price is decided you will have to make sure that the tree is on your property.
3-Next step is to figure out if there is backyard access big enough for our machines to fit through.
4-If the tree is too close to power lines a machine will have to be ordered and used to remove branches as they are cut.
5-Team will remove tree branch by branch, starting at the top.
6-Once tree is gone you can choose to remove tree stumps from your property.

Our Queens Tree Service company will help you cut down the tree on your property, and remove the tree stump so that it will appear a tree never stood there previously.

Tree Stump Grinding Service

Remove Tree StumpsSometimes there are only a few branches that are rotted, which means the tree can be spared. Other times the tree had evidence of disease all over with the only alternative being complete tree removal. We try as hard as we can to salvage a tree when possible, as we promote saving the environment. However when it comes between the safety of your home and people you love, we will always choose you.

It is not always as easy as it sounds, but our team is always open for a challenge. For example, to remove tree stumps in a backyard that has no access to fit our machines means that they have to be done by hand. A stump grinder is an enormous and powerful machine, making it easier to grind stumps of any size. However, when done by hand it is more expensive as it takes more time and labor. But for our Queens Tree Company, no job is too hard!

For more information about Stump Grinding, removing tree stumps or any tree removal need you may have please call us 24/7 at 929-297-0597