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When you are in need of a Queens Tree Company, please use this contact queens tree service page or call us at 929-297-0597 any time, day or night!

We understand that a fallen tree, or other emergency tree service call cannot wait until the morning, and that is why we are ready for any tree removal, tree trimming, or tree service in Queens. Because we are a local tree service company it doesn’t take us long to get to any part of Queens when needed. Other tree companies in NYC will make you wait hours, or even until ‘the morning’, but we understand that won’t work when there is a tree in your yard, or on your house!

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Our Address:

125-19 Metropolitan Avenue, Jamaica, NY

Emergency Tree Services:

Our staff is available 24/7 for emergency situations. Please feel free to call our text at any time.

We are rated as the best Local Queens Tree Company and we want to prove to you why once you work with our tree professionals, you will not want to work with any other tree company in Queens. Our crew loves what we do, and we love working in our community, helping our neighbors, and caring for ours trees.

Our customers realize this and that is why when they are in need of tree service they call us. Let us prove to you why you want to have us on speed dial as your #1 tree company in Queens!